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Fysikens Matematiska Metoder

Obligatorisk inlämningsuppgift

080128: see here for the next opportunity to do this (the problem below is outdated and its solution will no longer be accepted).

The numerical part of the course is examined by this homework problem. As preparation the introduction to FDM (pdf file available here)*  and/or Chapter 2 in our course text book [KS].

*extracted from a previous course book

The solution of the problem requires numerical computations - we prefer you use MATLAB for that.

You are supposed to solve one of the following problems, depending on your birthday. If your birthday is m-d (= month-day)  then:

for d between 01-06:  A, i.e. solve oiu06A.pdf
for d between 07-12:  B, i.e. solve oiu06B.pdf
for d between 13-18: C, i.e. solve oiu06C.pdf
for d between 19-24: D, i.e. solve oiu06D.pdf
for d between 25-31: E, i.e. solve oiu06E.pdf

(E.g. if you are born on February 13 then m=2 and d=13,  and you are therefore supposed to do "C").

NOTE: Every student should write his/her own program and hand in his/her own solution. Be prepared to explain your solution and/or program in an oral presentation to one of us (to know if you are called check the course homepage - we plan to have further instructions there by Dec. 5).  If you collaborate with somebody closely (collaboration teams of less or equal to two are OK) write the name of your collaborator in your report. Please also include in your report a printout of the problem you solved.

Inlämningsdatum: 24 nov 2006, kl 13.00 eller tidigare.

En godkänd inlämningsuppgift ger 1 studiepoäng.

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