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Theory of Relativity

Course code: 5A1326
4 credits

The spatial part of a Schwarzschild black hole embedded in a 3-dimensional space.

Information to students:
  • The exam has been corrected. Results are posted on the bulletin board outside the student expedition.
  • If you want your graded homework problems back, then contact Mattias at his office.
  • The internet based course evaluation is now finnished. The result is available from internal KTH computers at the course evaluation homepage.

Course aim:
To help students recognize a black hole and avoid falling into one.

Previous knowledge corresponding to the tensor calculus part of 5A1305 Mathematical Methods of Physics and 2A1840 Electromagnetic Theory.

One written exam (TEN1; 4 credits). The exam is a mixture of theory and problem solving assignments. The exam is graded with U, 3, 4, or 5.

Upcoming examinations:
  • N/A

Last updated: Jun 22, 2006