Fysikens Matematiska Metoder, Del 2

Information for students who do not understand Swedish but want to follow the course

I did not find a book in English covering the whole material for the course, but there are several good books covering the mathematics parts. One of them is

R. Haberman: Applied partial differential equations, Pearson (2003)

The book is on a slightly lower level than the course book (our students have a previous math course on PDEs, and the material from that course is also included in Haberman's book).

We will cover the following material from Haberman's book: sections 1-5, 7-10 parts of 14.
Our course will also include an introduction to variational calculus, but for that chapter you can find some lecture notes [Var] in English on


(there are also many English books giving introductions to that).

EXERCISES: A main part in this course is to learn how to solve PDE problems, and there are many such problems in Haberman's book. However, the problems in Haberman's book are mostly formulated as pure math problems.  In the problems we use in Swedish where you are not only asked to solve a PDE problem but also to translate a verbal desciption of some physical situation into mathematical equations. Unfortunately I did not find any English book where problems of this kind can be found.

I will try to make a list of problems from Haberman's book which I find most similar to the problems we use in the course. (I cannot promise but hope that if you know how to solve these problems you should also be able to pass the course).

EXAM: We will provide an English version of the exam but only if requested by more than 2 students: please send such a request in good time either to the course responsible of Olle Edholm (oed@kth.se) before the exam by email (and make sure the message arrives: messages from gmail and the like might end up in spam filters)!  

Written 090114

Note added on 090205: I will write the list of problems from Haberman's book only if students express their interest in it by email (send to langmann"at"kth.se). Until now I was not contacted about this by anybody.

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