Classical Theoretical Physics

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The first part of this course is identical to SI1142, the second part will be offered as a reading course 2014. Next year SI1145 will not be offered.

Kursansvarig vt13: Edwin Langmann, langmann"at"

News will be announced here: please check this page regularly while the course is going on.

I will write some things in English since this is faster for me - if you want to contact me it is perfectly fine to write and talk to me in Swedish.



130828 Information for students who took the course last year and want to examine Part 2 of SI1145:
Solve the B-problems for 2013 (see course planning page) and send an email to me (langmann"at" to arrange an oral exam. I prefer to do this asap: I will soon offer here times for oral exams in the beginning of September (to which you can respond by email).

Please note the information concerning marks on the kurspm (I copy it below): If you want a better mark than C you should also solve A-problems and be able to answer question concerning theory.

"Requirements to get a C,D,E: hand in solutions of B-problems in time; do an oral exam on your solutions of the B-problems.
Requirement to get A,B: have a C on the B-problems (examination as described above).
In addition: also do the A-problems and also answer questions about the A-problems in the oral exam (you need not hand in your solutions to the A-problems: it is fine if you bring them to the oral exam). Answer also theory questions in the oral exam. The theory questions will start from very easy; if you answer a question you’ll get a more difficult one etc., until we reach a point where you no longer answer. Depending on where this point is you will get C,B or A."

130620: If you to try hand in your B-problems tomorrow (June 21, before 14h) and don't get into the AlbaNova main building: you can call Farrokh at 073-505 54 00 after 11h. Otherwise we will accept your solution  also until Monday, June 24, 16h.

130514: Since there will be a
colloquium on Thursday 15.15-16.15h the next (and final) lecture is shifted to 16.15-18.00h (same place; this was suggested to me in class today and agreed upon by all students attending).

130514: On June 7, 14.15h, students who work on the problems for SI1145 can meet in FB55 (to discuss the problems and perhaps arrange further meetings or working groups). Those who want to have lunch together can meet at 13.00h at the AlbaNova restaurant.

130514: First possible date to do the oral exam: First week in September. If you want to do the exam then, please send me an email with subject "Oral exam SI1145" before the middle of August. In this email, please also write your possible, impossible, preferred dates and time in that week. (I will announce here further possible dates in due time; if you want to do the oral exam earlier send me an email).

130506: Proposed schedule for examinations:

Deadline for handing in B-problems: Friday before midsummer (June 21) 17h at "KTH Fysikexpeditionen" (we plan to place a box there). However, we strongly recommend you do the homework problems earlier, preferably right after the exercise class where it is given. You may hand in the problems earlier to Farrokh in the exercise class.

If you want to do the oral exam earlier than that send me a request with proposed date in an email (to: langmann"at"; in this  case you should hand in the B-problems 3 days before the oral exam.

I propose the following dates for the oral exam: Week 36 (Sept 2-6); Week 42 (Oct 14-18); Week 50 (Dec 9-13)
Tuesday 10-12 and 14-17h
Thursday 10-13h
Friday 13-15h

If you want to do the oral exam please send me an email with subject "Oral exam SI1145" before Wednesday the week before where you write possible, impossible, and preferred times.
"Exam in Week 36:
Tuesday 10-12 (possible) and 14-17h (impossible)
Thursday 10-13h (preferred)
Friday 13-15h (possible)"

130502: Note that there will be a re-exam on Part 1 in the August exam week.

130501: The exam on Part 1, together with a suggested solution, are now available here.

130426: I just got an email about what "hjälpmedel" to use in tomorrows exam (which tells me not everyone has read the  course PM): Note that you can use BETA or another "formelsamling" like this in the exam. So I recommend that you take such "formelsamling" with you!

130313: I now updated the course homepage and the course-PM. Please let me know by email if you have any question (or if you find any mistake).

Our rector of studies has now sorted out the administrative details: if you are registered for SI1145 but only manage to finish the first part of SI1145, you can get your course registration changed to SI1142 to get credit only for the first part (as I mentioned in my lectures: please request this at the "studentexpeditionen").  However, you can do the exam on the 2nd part after the summer. Also, if you decide to change your registration to SI1142, it might not be possible for you to do the 2nd part of SI1145 at a later stage.

What you can learn in this course: This course is complementary to "SI1140 Del2", and the aim is to discuss topics in mathematical physics that are helpful to be better prepared for advanced theoretical physics courses (on topics like quantum mechanics, quantum field theory etc.). To be more specific: SI1145 PART 1 is on the following topics: (i) Variational calculus, (ii) Green's functions. SI1145 PART 2 is on the following topics: (iii) Analytical mechanics (i.e. Lagrangian- and Hamiltonian mechanics), (iv) relativistic mechanics and introduction to field theory.

If you want more specific information about what you can learn in this course I suggest that explore WIKIPEDIA pages startiong from the pages on variational calculus, Green's functions, and Analytical mechanics.


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