LaTeX information
Seminar Course in Theoretical Physics

Your report should be written in the LaTeX markup language using the REVTeX4 style with the prl and twocolumn options. Writing reports and papers in LaTeX will be covered in the early stages of the course. A nice introduction to LaTeX is given in P. Jacobsson's "Introduktion till LaTeX" (Studentlitteratur, 2004 - in Swedish). You can also find most of the information you will need to write your report in either the Not so short introduction to LaTeX or in the documenation of the REVTeX4 style.

For your list of references, I suggest that you use BibTeX in order to have the references properly formatted in accordance with REVTeX4 standards. BibTeX entries for many papers in theoretical physics can be found in the SPIRES database.

If you want to install a TeX distribution on a Windows computer, I recommend MiKTeX. Although you can use any editor that is capable of writing text documents (yes, even Word if you would like to), I recommend that you use Emacs or the integrated development environment (IDE) TeXnicCenter, which is available for Windows. Both MiKTeX and TeXnicCenter are free of charge.
Last updated: Jul 2, 2008