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Seminar Course in Theoretical Physics

One of the requisites to pass the course is to write a report on the topic you have chosen. The report should be written in REVTeX4 style with the prl and twocolumn options chosen in the documentclass command. Your report should be on a level such that it is understandable for someone with a basic education in theoretical physics (e.g., a fourth year university student of theoretical phyiscs). When writing scientific papers, you will often have to make sure that your text fits within some given number of pages. If you go above this limit, then your contribution might be cut down or even rejected because of this reason only. Therefore, the maximum number of pages for your report is four (it should also not be much shorter than that), including title, author name, figures, etc, and you should take care in considering what to present such that the main ideas and major results of your topic becomes clear to the reader.

Your report should be submitted by e-mail to one of the coordinators at least one week before your seminar. You should submit both the source files (.tex, .eps, etc - preferably zipped into one file) and the pdf output.

Your report should be written in REVTeX4 style with the prl and twocolumn options. You can download example reports in pdf format below:
Supersymmetry - Mattias Blennow, 2004
The fuzzy sphere, a noncommutative geometry - Martin Hallnäs, 2004
Yang-Mills theory - Tomas Hällgren, 2004
A compilation of all reports for the course given in fall 2007 is available here.

Last updated: Aug 11, 2009