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Seminar Course in Theoretical Physics

The following is a list of suggestions for possible topics. You should pick a topic on which to write your report and present it in your seminar.

When you have decided on a topic, please send one of the coordinators an e-mail stating the topic you have chosen to get it registered. You are also welcome to suggest a topic of your own, in that case, please check with the coordinators that the topic is appropriate.

If you are a PhD or Master student, you are not allowed to choose a topic which is in your direct field of research.

1: Ginzburg-Landau theory for superconductivity
2: Superfluids
3: The Nambu-Jona-Lasino (NJL) model and the non-linear σ model
4: Relation between perturbative renormalization and number theory
5: Pomerons
6: Quark models
7: Pentaquarks
8: Quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and asymptotically free gauge theories
9: B physics
10: Neutrino oscillations in vacuum and matter
11: Neutrino oscillations in long-baseline experiments
12: Leptogenesis
13: The Standard Model of particle physics
14: Thermal conduction in solids, microscopic models
15: Melting mechanisms in solids
16: Physics at the nanoscale
17: Physics and dimensional arguments
18: Molecular hydrodynamics
19: Scaling concepts in polymer physics

Last updated: Aug 11, 2009