SI2360 Analytical Mechanics and Classical Field Theory 7.5 hp


The course is not given in spring 2011. Recommended substitute is
SI1145 Klassisk teoretisk fysik/Classical Theoretical Physics, 6 hp


After the course you should be able to:


This is an advanced course on classical physics, including mechanics and classical field theory. The course develops basic theoretical skills and understanding that form a necessary preparation to many modern developments of theoretical physics. In particular it gives the background to appreciate the transtion to quantum mechanics. The aim is to give a good working knowledge of the formalisms of Lagrange and Hamilton and their applications in classical (i.e. non-quantized) systems. The course should be useful to all theoretically interested students in physics and other related areas.



Introductory mechanics and engineering mathematics courses.

Course literature

There is no course book, but the following material is recommended:



Prof Mats Wallin, Room A4:1078 in AlbaNova, Email: , Phone: 08-5537 8715

Course requirements and examination

1. Volunatry homework will be given throughout the course, that gives bonus points on the written examination.
2. A written examination will take place in March.
3. Optional: oral examination on theory questions.

Rules for homework: Homework sets are posted on the download page. Some collaboration is allowed, but you must solve, formulate and write your solutions individually.

Preliminary lecture plan

Topic Literature
1 Newtonian mechanics FW 1
2 Kepler problem FW 1
3 Lagrangian dynamics FW 3
4 Lagrangian dynamics FW 3
5 Hamiltonian dynamics FW 6
6 Hamiltonian dynamics FW 6
7 Small oscillations FW 4
8 Rigid bodies FW 5
9 The spinning top FW 5
10 Canonical transformations FW 6, G 9
11 Hamilton-Jacobi theory, transition to quantum mechanics FW 6, G 10
12 Classical field theory JS 9
13 Classical field theory JS 9
14 Fluid dynamics JS 9

Mats Wallin