SI2361 Advanced Mechanics 6p

Avancerad mekanik

Course PM – Spring 2014

Under construction! All information is preliminary at the moment.

Please note that participants in this course are required to take an active part in the tutorials. This means that you should work out the problems on the problem sheets, found below, in preparation for each tutorial. If you are unable to attend some tutorials you should instead hand in your solutions.

General info

This course is an introductory course in four different areas of classical theoretical physics, analytical mechanics, statistical mechanics, and hydrodynamics.

Course start: Tuesday March 25, 2014 at 13.00 outside Room A4:1069, AlbaNova

The course consists of about 9 lectures + 6 exercises. The course will be a reading course, with occational meetings.


Course responsible: Jack Lidmar (tel: 08-5537 8715) Theoretical physics, KTH.

Lectures during the first part of the course: Edwin Langmann

Examination: Friday 25 May, 9.00-14.00 in A4:1069


After finished course the students should be able to apply the formalism presented in different areas of applied physics.

Course contents:

Analytical mechanics

The Lagrange and Hamilton formalisms, periodic motion, Euler-Lagranges equations, variational calculus, Chirikov's criterion and Poincare plots.

Statistical mechanics

Microcanonical and canonical ensembles. Hamilton’s equations and Liouville’s theorem. The relation between statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. The ideal gas, the Maxwell- Boltzmann distribution and the entropy concept.

Fluid mechanics

The continuity equation, viscosity and Navier-Stokes equations. Different boundary conditions and solutions in simple geometries. Laminar and turbulent flow. Reynolds number.


Analytical mechanics:
We will use these online lecturer notes. Download and print the PDF file.
Reading instruction:
Chapter 1. Newton's Laws of Motion. Read. Should be known.
Chapter 2. The Lagrangian Formalism. Read 2.1-2.3, 2.5.
Chapter 3. The Motion of Rigid Bodies. Skip all.
Chapter 4. The Hamiltonian Formalism. Read 4.1-4.5.
Statistical mechanics:
Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, Greiner, Neise, Stöcker, Springer 1995.
pages 123-181,191-200.
and handouts.
Physics of continous matter, Lautrup, Institute of Physics Publishing, 2005.
pages 187-266 (chapter 15-18)
and handouts.


There will be a written exam at the end of the course, Friday 24 May, 9.00-14.00 in A4:1069.
At the exam you are allowed to use this formula collection, handed out with the exam.

In addition you will have to prepare problem solutions and participate in the tutorials.

Past exams:

20090528 and solution

20100527 and solution

20110528 and solution


Problem sheets for the tutorials:

Problems 1 (March 26)

Problems 2 (April 3)

Problems 3 (April 12)

Problems 4 (April 19)

Problems 5 (April 26)

Problems 6 (May 10)

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