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Relativity Theory

Course code: SI2370
7.5 credits

The spatial part of a Schwarzschild black hole embedded in a 3-dimensional space.

Information to students

Here is a link to the homepage to the new Special Relativity course

Here is a short text I have written about index-calculation: Index calculations

Obs!!! In the future there will be two separate courses, one in special and one in general theory of relativity!

These two courses will go this autumn in period 2. Only program students at KTH can take these courses and can register to the courses directly to Bjorn Petterson (studievagledare).

This page will be updated regularly during the course:  please check regularly for information.

Here is the exam
Exam 2010-03-18

Here are solutions (updated, but still some typos)

Last updated: Mar 24, 2010