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SI2371 Special Relativity

Course code: SI2371
6 credits

  • The exam and proposal solutions from 2014-03-12 are available on the Exams page.
Course aim:
After completion of the course you should be able to:
  • Illustrate physical processes in special relativity using a space-time diagram.
  • Apply the concepts of length contraction and time dilation as well as use Lorentz transformations.
  • Solve simple kinematical problems.
  • Analyze Maxwell's equations and use their relativistic invariance.
  • Report some experimental tests of special relativity.
  • Use tensor notation in SR.
  • Explain the physical interpretations and implications of SR.
  • Have knowledge about cosmolgical models
The course is examined through a written exam:
January 17, 2014 (8:00-13:00): Rooms FB54, FB55

Course literature:
  • Introduction to Special Relativity 2nd ed., Oxford University Press (1991), Rindler.
Recommended reading:
  • A first course in general relativity, Cambridge University Press (1985), Shutz. (Also contains a well written introductory part on special relativity)
  • Relativity theory, KTH (2005), Mickelsson, Ohlsson, Snellman. (Course compendium for old course)
  • Tensoranalys, KTH (2004), Ramgaard, Blennow, Ohlsson. (In Swedish. More detailed text on tensor analysis.)
Lecturer and examiner: Mattias Blennow
TA: Teresia Månsson

Last updated: Mar 12, 2014