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Symmetrier i Fysiken

Symmetries in Physics

5A1335 - 4p for DEF4 and other interested students

5A5367 - 5p for PhD students


This course is part of the programs in Mathematical Physics, Atomic and Subatomic Physics, and the master program in Quantum Physics. It will be of interest also for students who have chosen other programs in physics, mathematics, and mechanics.

The course will be given in English if necessary.

NOTE that students who are not registered at KTH, e.g. students at Stockholm University, must apply to be admitted to the course, before the start of the course! See the KTH info! (This does not apply to PhD students!)

Course information

Study Handbook

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Lectures: ca 30 hours.

Prerequisites: A basic course in quantum mechanics, e.g. Kvantfysik 5A1450.

Solution of a number of homework problems.

Course material:
A set of lecture notes which will be sold at the start of the course, these will be sufficient for following the course.

The first 8 chapters of the following book covers essentially the same material:
H.F. Jones: Groups, representations and physics. 2nd ed. IOP Publishing 1998.

You find here an introduction to the course with additional links (under preparation), and some Matlab files which could be useful

Symmetry groups

have an essential role in practically all fields of physics, in particular in all aspects of quantum physics.
You can find here some additional introductory material:

The picture of a C60 molecule comes from Molecular Structure Laboratory at SUNY Stony Brook.

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