FSI3260 Kvanttransport 7,5 hp
Quantum transport


This course treats various approaches to study quantum transport and related phenomena in normal and superconducting nanostructures. Among the topics covered are scattering approach, semiclassical transport, Coulomb blockade, interference, and decoherence.



Y.V. Nazarov and Y.M. Blanter, Quantum transport (Cambridge 2009).
Y. Imry, Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics (Oxford University Press, 1997)
T. Dittrich, et al., Quantum transport and dissipation (Wiley-VCH, 1998)
The detailed course literature is planned individually with the examiner.

Examination och kurskrav:

The course is completed by reading suitable literature and doing a set of homework exercises. There is either a written or an oral examination.

Betyg: P, F

Examinator: Jack Lidmar, Lektor

Jack Lidmar    <jlidmar@kth.se> 2011-02-04