FSI3270 Kvantfasövergångar 7,5 hp
Quantum phase transitions


This course is about quantum phase transitions and quantum critical phenomena in a variety of different systems and models. It covers, e.g., the characteristic scaling behaviour at continuous quantum phase transitions, and applications to superconductors, cold atoms, spin systems, etc.



S. Sachdev, Quantum phase transitions (Cambridge Univers. Press, 2001)
Diverse artiklar.

The detailed course literature is planned individually with the examiner.

Examination och kurskrav:

The course is completed by reading suitable literature and doing a set of homework exercises. There is either a written or an oral examination.

Betyg: P, F

Examinator: Jack Lidmar, Lektor

Jack Lidmar    <jlidmar@kth.se> 2011-02-04