SeSE course Advanced Molecular Dynamics, 5 högskolepoäng (hp)

Course contents:

This course treats advanced molecular dynamics (MD) methodology for classical simulations of liquids, polymers and proteins. MD simulations provide atomistically detailed information on structural and dynamic quantities, but often at a high computational cost. As vibrations of atoms need to be captured, time steps are in the order of femtoseconds, whereas the time scales of interest are often in the microsecond to second range. This has three main implications. Efficient software and hardware is required, using for instance stream computing (on e.g. GPUs). You always need to carefully check the convergence of properties of interest. And if convergence can not be reached, you might need to use methods to improve sampling, such as free energy calculations and coarse-graining. These topic will be covered in lectures, reading of literature and computer labs.

Course objectives:

After completion of the course, the student should be able to::

Course literature:


Small project

Grades: P, F

Examinator: Berk Hess, lektor

Tentitative schedule VT2019:

Lectures from May 6-10.

Course material from 2017: here

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