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Resultat av: Relativistic Quantum Physics, SI2390, vt 2011

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2011-05-05 - 2011-06-29
Antal svar: 12
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 80%
Kontaktperson: Tommy Ohlsson

What is your overall impression of the course?

12 svarande

Very positive4 33%
Quite postive6 50%
Neutral - no opinion1 8%
Quite negative1 8%
Very negative0 0%

- I would have preferred to discuss a little bit more the physical meaning/interpretation of the theory rather than the 'technical part'. Because I think, that's the hard thing about this course and it would also make the lectures more interesting. (Neutral - no opinion)

How would you rate the difficulty of the course?

11 svarande

Very difficult3 27%
Quite difficult6 54%
Average2 18%
Easy0 0%
Very easy0 0%

- I think that's not a property of the course but of the theory. Regarding this, the mathematical part was done well in my opinion. (Very difficult)

Has there been much overlap with other courses?

12 svarande

Far too much overlap0 0%
Some overlap, but it was useful to go over the topics again10 83%
Mostly unnecessary overlap0 0%
No overlap2 16%

How were the homework problems?

11 svarande

Very difficult1 9%
Difficult4 36%
Average6 54%
Easy0 0%
Very easy0 0%

- The last set was far more difficult than the first two. Overall a reasonable level of difficulty. (Average)

How was the oral examination?

11 svarande

Very difficult0 0%
Difficult2 18%
Average8 72%
Easy1 9%
Very easy0 0%

- There were no 'unfair' questions, unlike in some other oral exams I've had. (Average)

What is your opinion about the "kurs-PM" and the administration of the course?

12 svarande

Very good4 33%
Good8 66%
Average0 0%
Poor0 0%
Very poor0 0%

What is your opinion about the course literature?

11 svarande

Very good3 27%
Good6 54%
Average1 9%
Poor1 9%
Very poor0 0%

- Peskin and Schr?der (Very good)
- I did not use any book other than the lecture notes. (Average)

What is your opinion about the lecture notes?

12 svarande

Very good3 25%
Good7 58%
Average1 8%
Poor1 8%
Very poor0 0%

- Overall very good but in the last part of the course it is far too condensed to be self-sustainable. I had to frequently consult the internet when reading the last few chapters. (Good)

How were the lectures?

12 svarande

Very good5 41%
Good5 41%
Average1 8%
Poor1 8%
Very poor0 0%

- Sometimes a little bit too technical. But I also think that it is quite hard to 'pack' this broad topic in 1.5 periods. So maybe some more hours would have given the opinion to focus also on the interpretation part. (Good)

How was the "hand-back session"?

9 svarande

Very good1 11%
Good4 44%
Average4 44%
Poor0 0%
Very poor0 0%

- Sorry, don't understand the question. (?)
- It was very good to be able to see how the problems should be solved (Good)

Please, enter any further comments on the course below.

- Very good course, perhaps the last homework set could be remade to match the difficulty of the first two better.

What do you like this way of making a course evaluation?

12 svarande

Very positive2 16%
Positive4 33%
Neutral6 50%
Negative0 0%
Very negative0 0%

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