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Resultat av: Special relativity, SI2371, ht 2011

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2011-12-20 - 2012-01-26
Antal svar: 4
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 26%
Kontaktperson: Teresia M?nsson

What is your overall impression of the course?

4 svarande

Very positive0 0%
Positive3 75%
Neutral0 0%
Negative0 0%
Very negative1 25%

- If this course is for all fields students, it's great. But for theoretical directions, I think it can focus more on the theory itself, not on use it to solve problems only. You can spend more time on special relativity puzzles, like Bell's problem on homepage, it's really meaningful to reduce any confusions about proper length and many other difficulties in SR. (Positive)
- It was a fun and well-executed course on a very interesting subject. (Positive)

What was best with the course?

- It is quite differente from my home Universtity. In Portugal, I had different Courses in different areas of Physics and there we would approach the SR in it. Here we did the opposite which I think is more productive and makes more sense.
- homework, peer correction, on-course problems
- The lectures were the best, with good explanations along with motivations of what the different topics were needed for. I liked especially the conceptual questions with the interaction that caused. Also the exercise classes were very good with thorough explanations of the reasoning.

What was worse with the course?

- Some concepts that are needed to understand the physics are not so present anymore and I think that maybe we should have had one more lesson in electromagnetism (since, in my opinion, is more complex and requires more attention).
- The lectures did not at all give a conceptual understanding of the topic. They basically reviewed very superficially and in an unstructured way the respective chapters in the course book.
- Some of the lectures notes on the internet were scanned in badly and was difficult to read sometimes. But the fact that there even were lecture notes was very good!

Opinion about the lectures

4 svarande

Very good0 0%
Good3 75%
Average0 0%
Bad0 0%
Very bad1 25%
I did not participate0 0%

- Given at a nice pace. Lecturer good at answering questions. Good that time is given to the students to think through the conceptual questions with help from the lecturer. (Good)
- The lectures were too few. The lecturer never explained the crucial points without explicit questioning. The important facts were not really made clear. The script was hard too read (handwriting, bad command of English, unexplained abbreviations aso.) (Very bad)

Opinion about the exercises

4 svarande

Very good0 0%
Good3 75%
Average1 25%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%
I did not participate0 0%

- Good explanations; focus was on really giving an understanding what an exercise was a about and how to reason. (Good)
- The exercises were quite useful. However, I'm used to student interaction (students have to present homework, discuss with the teacher and so on). There could be a little more participation of the students. (Average)

The suggested course literature was (please also write comments)

3 svarande

Very good0 0%
Good2 66%
Average1 33%
Bad0 0%

- The book is quite concise most of the time. Without the book, it would be impossible to learn anything from the lectures at all. (Good)

Did you read the extra literature suggested on the homepage?

4 svarande

yes3 75%
no1 25%

- Some of it, not everything. (yes)

My prerequisites

4 svarande

More than enough0 0%
Enough4 100%
Not enough0 0%

How difficult did you find the course?

4 svarande

Very difficult0 0%
Difficult2 50%
Average2 50%
Easy0 0%
Very easy0 0%

- The difficulty arose mainly from the fact, that the teacher did not explain anything at all. Basically I think there would be no difference if KTH just made students read the book and then write the exam. (Difficult)

How many hours on average did you spend per week?

4 svarande

less than 103 75%
10-200 0%
more than 201 25%

- Including reading, homework, problems about 20 hours/week. (more than 20)

What are your opinion about the conceptual questions during class?

- I thought it's a very good idea to motivate the students although sometimes we would spend too much time with it (trying to solve and discussing it with the partner).
- Basically the idea is good, but the respective topics should be discussed in detail before handing out the questions, otherwise it's only wild guessing most of the time. Questions were impossible to answer from the lecture, only from the book.
- very helpful
- I liked them very much. It is nice to be able to be given time to reason a bit by yourself (and with others) after going through a bit of theory. Helps a lot i think.

Did you find it useful to mark someone elses assignment?

3 svarande

yes2 66%
maybe1 33%
no0 0%

- This was a good idea, one could see other approaches as the own one. (yes)

How difficult did you find the home assignment?

4 svarande

too difficult0 0%
difficult0 0%
just the right level4 100%
easy0 0%
too easy0 0%

How did you find the exam?

3 svarande

too difficult0 0%
difficult1 33%
just the right level1 33%
easy1 33%
too easy0 0%

- I couldn't attend the exam since I was in the hospital so I can't answer properly. (?)
- Misprints in the exam (and on information provided on the blackboard) made me waste a lot of time. Since the teacher didn't even stay in the examination room, it was necessary to wait until she came back to ask for right information. (difficult)

Did the course meet your expectations?

4 svarande

Yes, to a large extent2 50%
Yes, to some extent1 25%
I do not know0 0%
No1 25%

Comments and suggestions on how to improve the course

- Create more, structured lectures, which give the impression that special relativity is taught in some logical approach. Important things should be derived in detail and not just fall "out of the blue".
- more puzzles

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