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Resultat av: Statistical mechanics for non-equilibrium systems, SI2520, vt 2012

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2012-05-03 - 2012-05-16
Antal svar: 7
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 46%
Kontaktperson: Jack Lidmar

What is your overall impression of the course?

7 svarande

Very positive1 14%
Positive6 85%
Neutral0 0%
Negative0 0%
Very negative0 0%

- In general a good course that I'm happy I took. (Positive)

How difficult did you find the course?

7 svarande

Very difficult0 0%
Difficult3 42%
Average3 42%
Easy1 14%
Very easy0 0%

- The difficulty was just about right I'd say. (Difficult)

Was the teacher good at explaining things?

7 svarande

Very good2 28%
Good4 57%
Average1 14%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%

Would you rather have a book than lecturenotes?

7 svarande

Yes1 14%
No6 85%

- It's difficult to say. A book would have given a bit more coherent picture when reading I think. However, it is easy to get stuck in a book whereas this system encouraged searching for information in another manner, that I quite liked. (Yes)
- Lecture notes har den f?rdelen att man inte beh?ver k?pa n?gon bok samt att de tar upp vad f?rel?saren tycker ?r viktigt f?r kursen. (No)

Did you look up things in the reference litterature?

6 svarande

Never3 50%
Sometimes3 50%
Often0 0%

- More often in any literature I could find, but I like that there was quite alot of reference literature. (Sometimes)

How would you rate the difficulty of the problem sets?

7 svarande

Very difficult0 0%
Difficult3 42%
Average3 42%
Easy1 14%
Very easy0 0%

How much time did you spend for solving the problems compared to other courses?

7 svarande

Much more0 0%
Somewhat more1 14%
Average3 42%
Somewhat less2 28%
Much less1 14%

To follow the course, my prerequisites have been ..

7 svarande

More than enough0 0%
Enough7 100%
Not enough0 0%

- However I would, as always, have had use of more math. A course in stochastic processes would have been nice to have in the backpack, but is of course not a necessary prerequisite. (Enough)

Did the course meet your expectations?

7 svarande

Yes, to a large extent3 42%
Yes, to some extent2 28%
I do not know2 28%
No0 0%

Are there any topics not included in the course that you would like to have covered? Or are there any topics you would like to see more / less emphasis on?

- I thought the choice of topics was good in regard to the number of lectures.

Comments and suggestions on how to improve the course


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