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Resultat av: Quantum Field Theory, SI2410, 2012

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2012-12-10 - 2013-03-26
Antal svar: 7
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 87%
Kontaktperson: Mattias Blennow

What is your general impression of the course?

7 svarande

Very positive5 71%
Positive1 14%
Negative0 0%
Very negative1 14%

The course was given as a reading course this semester. How did you find the course literature (Peskin & Schr?der)? (Check all that apply.)

7 svarande

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Too technical.1 14%
Too sketchy.3 42%
Too high level.1 14%
Too low level.0 0%
Too long.1 14%
Other (please comment).3 42%

- It is a good book, but sometimes it is a bit sketchy. I would be nice to see some of the mathematics behind some of the more sketchy parts, e.g. functional determinants.
- Peskin was a great book, and I have no complaints about it what so ever.
- Some class notes would have been enough help to face Peskin, but we didn't get anything extra.
- Technical and very high level, but I feel that it was suitable for the course. Anything less technical or lower level would not have been enough.

How did you find the reading instructions to the course literature?

7 svarande

Very good2 28%
Adequate4 57%
Inadequate1 14%
Very bad0 0%

- Sufficiently well defined. Could have been a better overlap/connection with the course "Relativistic Quantum Physics". Or some reading/recap of the material in the beginning of the book could have been a good idea. Or even a course in between the two. (Adequate)
- We started reading from chapter 9 on. It turned out previous chapters were constantly needed both to understand our required reading and to do the home assignments. (Inadequate)

How did you find the general administration of the course?

7 svarande

Very good4 57%
Good2 28%
Bad0 0%
Very bad1 14%

- Not much administration, which is a rather good thing. (Good)
- It is aweful that a course meant to take place during period 1 gets extended all through period 2. (Very bad)

How did you find the student presentations as a way of studying the course material?

7 svarande

Very good1 14%
Good5 71%
Bad1 14%
Very bad0 0%

- It was nice giving my own presentations, but I did not learn much from some of the others. However, by preparing for my own presentations meant that I in the end understood the relevant material a lot better than by just reading the book. (Good)
- They are great for learning the material for your own presentation, but perhaps not always the best for understanding other parts of the material. (Good)
- They gave a lot when preparing for your own. However as lectures they ranged from good to very very poor. (Good)
- I understood in depth the parts I had to present, but couldn't afford to spend so much time in the others. I ended up with several topics not at all understood. (Bad)

How did you find the level of the student presentations?

6 svarande

Too high0 0%
Slightly too high0 0%
About right4 66%
Slightly too low0 0%
Too low2 33%

- None of the previous. It was basically repeating what was written in Peskin, with no aim at presenting the concepts in a different way or depth so as to make them understandable to the classmates. Useless for everyone but the speaker. (?)
- This question is difficult to answer given the diversity of the presentations, but most presentations were given at a good level. (About right)
- Many of the presentations could have been better and more precise. I generally think more should be expected from a person presenting a topic. (Too low)
- As stated in the previous qustion there was a big difference in the level of student presentations. (Too low)

How did the home assignments correspond to your expectations on the course content?

7 svarande

Very well0 0%
Well6 85%
Badly1 14%
Very badly0 0%

- I missed having an assignment on the material in chapter 21 of Peskin and Schroeder in order to fully understand all of the material in the course. (Well)
- The second set of homework problems was not really what I expected and maybe a bit off the course (Well)
- The first set was just problems in Peskin, so the fit perfectly the reading. The second set had nothing to do with the reading and became an additional topic of self-study. (Badly)

How did you find the level of the homework assignments compared to your expectations?

6 svarande

Much harder0 0%
Harder4 66%
About the same2 33%
Easier0 0%
Much easier0 0%

- About the same for the first. Much harder for the second. (?)
- The last one was a bit unexpected and harder for that reason. But once I understood the problem it was not excessively hard and it was in line with the work load I expected from the course. (About the same)
- Some assignments were harder and some easier than expected. (About the same)

How much time did you spend for preparing your seminars?

7 svarande

> 10 hours each4 57%
7-10 hours each2 28%
4-7 hours each1 14%
1-4 hours each0 0%
< 1 hour each0 0%

- i.e. for the seminars where I presented. For the others I spent less time. The most time was spent on the first seminar where I presented. (> 10 hours each)

How much time did you spend on the home assignments in total?

7 svarande

> 100 hours4 57%
50-100 hours2 28%
25-50 hours0 0%
10-25 hours1 14%
< 10 hours0 0%

- Closer to 200 hrs! (> 100 hours)

What did you learn the most from?

6 svarande

Reading the course material1 16%
Going to the seminars0 0%
Asking the course leader0 0%
Doing the home assignments5 83%
Getting feedback on home assignments0 0%
Other (please comment)0 0%

- I am so confussed about the material in this course I wouldn't dare to say I have learned anything at all. (?)
- This, together with the feedback on the home assignments. (Doing the home assignments)

Would you recommend the course to other students?

7 svarande

Yes6 85%
No1 14%

- But they would need a solid foundation in mathematics and physics because the course I quite demanding. (Yes)
- If they do not have a lot of other heavy courses that semester. (Yes)
- Real lectures, and plenty of them, are needed if the students are to correctly grasp the main concepts in QFT. Examples of exercises are a must. (No)

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