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Resultat av: Relativistic Quantum Physics, SI2390, vt 2013

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2013-03-20 - 2013-04-08
Antal svar: 11
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 78%
Kontaktperson: Tommy Ohlsson

What is your overall impression of the course?

11 svarande

Very positive7 63%
Quite postive3 27%
Neutral - no opinion1 9%
Quite negative0 0%
Very negative0 0%

- s? stort omf?ng att man inte hann sm?lt allt. k?nner bara att jag hunnit skrapa p? ytan p? allt. (Quite postive)
- The course is very difficult and one period is not sufficient enough... (Neutral - no opinion)

How would you rate the difficulty of the course?

11 svarande

Very difficult6 54%
Quite difficult5 45%
Average0 0%
Easy0 0%
Very easy0 0%

- Varied over the course material. The parts that were examined on homework 1 and 3 were very difficult, whereas part 2 might only be called "quite difficult". (Very difficult)
- In the begining the new notation was the hardest part to get used to. But I think that the end of the course was the hardest and if one would have more time to go through that a bit more it would probably be a bit more clear. (Quite difficult)

Has there been much overlap with other courses?

11 svarande

Far too much overlap0 0%
Some overlap, but it was useful to go over the topics again4 36%
Mostly unnecessary overlap2 18%
No overlap5 45%

- Most of the overlaps was from Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics II. (Some overlap, but it was useful to go over the topics again)

How were the homework problems?

11 svarande

Very difficult6 54%
Difficult4 36%
Average1 9%
Easy0 0%
Very easy0 0%

- Actually, only the last one has been really difficult, with not much help from what had been done in class (Very difficult)
- quite accelerating. the first one was a little tricky, but not hard. the last one was very hard. (Difficult)
- They variance of the difficulty between problems were large. Some problems were really easy and some problems were really hard. (Difficult)

How was the oral examination?

11 svarande

Very difficult0 0%
Difficult1 9%
Average6 54%
Easy4 36%
Very easy0 0%

- It was unclear what was expected, so I was much more worried before the exam then what was necessary. (Average)
- far easier than i thought it would be. (Easy)
- Felt very nice at the time and the only thing missing was a cup of coffee:) The relaxed situation contributed to a warm impression. (Easy)

What is your opinion about the "kurs-PM" and the administration of the course?

11 svarande

Very good4 36%
Good5 45%
Average2 18%
Poor0 0%
Very poor0 0%

- Hard to grade or comment, but everything necessary was included. (Good)
- Examination was clear in the PM; deadlines, grading scales, method of examination was all very clear. Scheduling for oral exam was done by the teacher well in advance. The schedule over what was to be taught in the class could have been more detailed in book (for example: rather than Chapter 12, it could had specified which sections in the chapter that are planned to appear on each lecture). (Average)

What is your opinion about the course literature?

11 svarande

Very good3 27%
Good5 45%
Average1 9%
Poor2 18%
Very poor0 0%

- The last three chapters was not very well explained at all times. I often had to look up material in other references in the last part of the course. (Good)
- Overall it covered what was needed to get a basic understanding but it was quite often to short regarding expansions and illustrative elaborations. Keep the scheme of the book but extend the explanations of all concepts. The book is very good but to short. (Good)
- far too little explanations and discussion of concepts. (Poor)
- The course literature does not bring much more than what is seen in class (Poor)

How were the lectures?

11 svarande

Very good5 45%
Good5 45%
Average1 9%
Poor0 0%
Very poor0 0%

- Even if they were quite similar to the book you extended in the lectures was what left out in the book so very good. (Very good)
- Unfourtunatly the teacher was sick in the middle of the course, and could not use the blackboard then. Also, since the teacher authored the book, the lectures tended to follow the book a bit too strictly at times (which is expected). (Good)
- Globally good (Good)
- I found there was too long mathematical derivations during the course. I think we could have skip more of them to focus on the concepts. (Average)

Please, enter any further comments on the course below.

- The course would do well to go over 2 periods. The material is very difficult to digest for new students. Concepts in the early part of the course, that are not needed until the very end, and the short time scale makes it difficult to understand the concepts as well as the student should in the latter part of the course.
- A very nice course and challenging problems:) Keep up the good work:)
- I would have liked to see some fully solved problems during the lectures. Preferrably problems from the book. This would make some topics feel less abstract. I felt some computational steps could be clarified in examples (like 12.2-12.6.).

What do you like this way of making a course evaluation?

11 svarande

Very positive3 27%
Positive6 54%
Neutral2 18%
Negative0 0%
Very negative0 0%

- It is very easy to get information from all the students. There should be some course committee that keeps a dialogue with the teacher from before the course begins (discussing the changes from last time the course went) through it to the end, talking about problems that might come up during and summarizing the joint viewpoint of the examinator and students. (Positive)

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