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Resultat av: Quantum Field Theory, SI2410, fall 2016

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2016-11-17 - 2016-12-07
Antal svar: 6
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 60%
Kontaktperson: Mattias Blennow

What is your general impression of the course?

6 svarande

Very positive1 16%
Positive5 83%
Negative0 0%
Very negative0 0%

- The material covered is interesting, the seminars seem to be ineffective. (Positive)
- Skulle vara skönt om man i relkvanten jobbade med peskin kapitel 1-7 snarare än tommys bok. Då blir hoppet till denna kurs mkt mindre. (Positive)

How did you find the general administration of the course?

6 svarande

Very good2 33%
Good4 66%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%

How did you find the reading instructions to the course literature?

6 svarande

Very good3 50%
Adequate3 50%
Inadequate0 0%
Very bad0 0%

- The instructions themselves were good, but Peskin & Schroeder is not the most pedagogical or enlightening book. (Adequate)

Did you use any supplementary learning material? (check all that apply) If so, please comment on which and your impression of them.

6 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

Yes - other recommended textbooks1 16%
Yes - other textbooks not in the recommended list2 33%
Yes - lecture notes1 16%
Yes - other online material (video lectures, Wikipedia, etc)4 66%
No - I only used Peskin-Schröder0 0%

- Mostly Peskin-Schröder.
- Textbook by Shwartz. Online lectures: https://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/video-library/collection/psi-2015/2016-quantum-field-theory-ii
- I had a look at Weinberg's books on QFT and looked back at lecture notes from other courses.

How did you find the seminars?

6 svarande

Very good2 33%
Good3 50%
Bad1 16%
Very bad0 0%

- Social highlight every week. (Very good)
- Kanske visa vad som är mer rät och fel. Nu kändes det som många av oss studenter inte hade så stor koll och gick inte du förbi och råkade höra vad som sades och rättade oss så förblev vi osäkra. (Good)
- It seems that consensus can be reached in the group even if the conclusion is entirely wrong. (Bad)

How did the home assignments correspond to your expectations on the course content?

6 svarande

Very well0 0%
Well5 83%
Badly1 16%
Very badly0 0%

- Only 16.3 c) was overly tormenting. (Well)
- Except 16.3 (Well)
- One of the problems was too heavy on the calculations! (Well)
- 16.3(b) och 16.3(c) i Peskin var ju helt värdelösa. Gick näst intill inte att göra för hand. Räcker med 16.3(a)! (Well)
- The first home assignment was very hard and it required much more time than expected, especially regarding the algebraic computations. (Badly)

How did you find the level of the homework assignments compared to your expectations?

6 svarande

Much harder0 0%
Harder3 50%
About the same3 50%
Easier0 0%
Much easier0 0%

- I expected the course to be difficult. (About the same)

How much time did you spend preparing for the seminars?

6 svarande

> 10 hours each1 16%
7-10 hours each1 16%
4-7 hours each2 33%
1-4 hours each2 33%
< 1 hour each0 0%

- It takes quite some time to go through each derivation in the assigned reading in the book. I don't mind it though. (> 10 hours each)
- Om man inte räknar in läsningen. Den tog säkert 2-3 heldagar. (1-4 hours each)

How much time did you spend on the home assignments in total?

6 svarande

> 100 hours2 33%
50-100 hours1 16%
25-50 hours2 33%
10-25 hours1 16%
< 10 hours0 0%

- maybe too much (> 100 hours)

What did you learn the most from?

6 svarande

Reading the course material3 50%
Going to the seminars2 33%
Asking the course leader0 0%
Doing the home assignments0 0%
Getting feedback on home assignments1 16%
Other (please comment)0 0%

- + Schwarz and online lectures (Reading the course material)
- Since I found the seminars enjoyable, they were a good motivation for spending a lot of time studying. (Going to the seminars)
- more than one alternative applies. I would add "reading the course material", that was very good, and "doing the home assignments" (Getting feedback on home assignments)

Would you recommend the course to other students?

6 svarande

Yes6 100%
No0 0%

- Skoj och intressant kurs! (Yes)

Other comments:

- Bigger emphasis on rehearsing old content from previous course but from Peskin's point of view. I.e. to strongly recommend that they take some time during the summer to go through old topics. I believe many gave up too early because they felt that had to backtrack too much in too short amount of time.
- I think that the grading system was strange. After the course I heard that almost everyone got an A. What's the point of letter grades if everyone gets an A? In that case P/F seems more adequate!
- Försöka fixa övningar i början som instruerar oss hur man beräknar Feynmandiagram. Skulle inte behövas mer än 1-2 tillfällen tror jag. Detta skulle spara oss mkt tid på läxa 1 för denna omgång. Många/nästan alla har dålig koll på Feynmandiagram efter tommys kurs i relkvant då det gås igenom extremt snabbt.

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