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Resultat av: Relativistic Quantum Physics, SI2390, vt 2017

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2017-03-22 - 2017-04-21
Antal svar: 16
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 64%
Kontaktperson: Tommy Ohlsson

What is your overall impression of the course?

16 svarande

Very positive3 18%
Quite postive8 50%
Neutral - no opinion3 18%
Quite negative2 12%
Very negative0 0%

- The overall scheme was nice, but the way the content was presented I did not personally care much for, especially the book I felt I wanted to be more thorough. (Neutral - no opinion)
- It was a lot of formula, but with not much physical explanations. Also it would have been better if we had corrections of the homeworks. (Quite negative)

How would you rate the difficulty of the course?

16 svarande

Very difficult3 18%
Quite difficult11 68%
Average2 12%
Easy0 0%
Very easy0 0%

- A lot of work was up to oneself. If something was difficult to understand the course book seldom helped and so other literature had to be found. (Very difficult)
- But it think is normal considering the seen topics (Quite difficult)
- Difficult topics that are only touched on briefly. However, it was not required to have deep understanding things for the examination. (Quite difficult)
- Got very difficult in a short time towards the end. (Quite difficult)
- very important course. very important to learn dirac equation, how to quantize fields, feynman rules for future courses (Quite difficult)
- We had no exercize sessions to help us. (Quite difficult)
- The subject matter is extremely difficult, but what we were supposed to know seemed to be very simple. (Average)

Has there been much overlap with other courses?

16 svarande

Far too much overlap1 6%
Some overlap, but it was useful to go over the topics again6 37%
Mostly unnecessary overlap0 0%
No overlap9 56%

- Unless you count the very very brief excursion into SR. (No overlap)

How were the homework problems?

16 svarande

Very difficult2 12%
Difficult10 62%
Average4 25%
Easy0 0%
Very easy0 0%

- Some of the problems were doable under 30 minutes. Others could take hours if not days to iron out the details. (Very difficult)
- It was not easy to find how to solve the problems with the lessons and the book. (Very difficult)
- The last one was much more difficult than the two first ones. (Difficult)
- The calculation were not too difficult, but understanding "why" was quite hard for the last problem set. (Difficult)
- I felt the points awarded for different problems were a bit uneven. For instance, in the first set, I think I spent less time on the first three problems together than on the fourth. (Difficult)
- they were uneven. some where very easy like for example on homework 2. I thought at first i was having the wrong answer like i was missing something. Then on homework 3 calculating the decay rate was very difficult in comparison (Difficult)
- there were difficult exercises sometimes, but I think the workload was the right one (Average)
- Again, they seemed very easy compared with the overall subject matter. Also, some problems were extremely simple when compared to others; if one knew what to do, it was almost trivial, whereas some other problems took quite some elaboration, even if one would have known exactly how to proceed which wasn't always the case. Maybe the point distribution across problems should be revised? (Average)
- Very varied. Initially easy. (Average)

How was the oral examination?

16 svarande

Very difficult1 6%
Difficult4 25%
Average10 62%
Easy1 6%
Very easy0 0%

- It was hard since we had no old exams and we couldn't know what to focus on. (Difficult)
- It was quite unclear how the oral exam would be performed. It made for an uneasy time prior to it. (Average)
- My first oral examination, so I have nothing to compare with. (Average)
- Considering it was pass/fail it was fair though. (Easy)

What is your opinion about the "kurs-PM" and the administration of the course?

16 svarande

Very good6 37%
Good8 50%
Average2 12%
Poor0 0%
Very poor0 0%

- Although the SU students would probably disagree. I remember how much hassle it was for me to take their courses. (Very good)

What is your opinion about the course literature?

16 svarande

Very good1 6%
Good6 37%
Average6 37%
Poor3 18%
Very poor0 0%

- Very well written, good explanations. Mirrored the lectures closely. (Very good)
- Good in general but sometimes lacking the steps "in between" (Good)
- Takes up the necessary material but is too concise/summarious at times. (Average)
- Lacking some computational details. (Average)
- I used mostly Peskin-Schröder. (Average)
- The main book works as a summary, and is good for the relativistic quantum physics part. However, since the book was based very much upon other literature, the sources were better to study for deeper understanding (Average)
- Personally, I just prefer very heavy literature that goes into very much detail when explaining anything. I felt a lot of the time, the book did not do that, which left me feeling like I did not *really* comprehend a lot of things. Of course, I do not know if what I am asking for is outrageously difficult (I get the feeling the subject really is very very hard to grasp fully), so maybe the book was very merciful without me realizing it. Nonetheless, the exclusion of a lot of rigorous explanations was hurtful to some, like me. Also, considering the import of certain things, like LSZ formula for more than just KG fields for example, it was weird that it was not included. Another example would be something that one was supposed to be aware of somehow, but was not mentioned; the Feynman rules for pseudoscalar Yukawa theory. I guess it was stated that one should have used ither literature as well for the course, a fuller understanding could have been achieved. But it was very often time-consuming, and a more complete book to be used as reference I would have liked, I think. That said, it is a very good book if ine is mostly familiar with the subject already, or is not concerned about the innor workings of some relations. (Poor)
- I found the textbook a bit confusing and difficult to understand, with not much explanations. (Poor)

How were the lectures?

15 svarande

Very good5 33%
Good7 46%
Average1 6%
Poor2 13%
Very poor0 0%

- There were maybe not enough physical explanations. (Poor)

Please, enter any further comments on the course below.

- Well structured course to introduce qft
- Sorry if it sounded like I was bashing on the literature, mostly my point was that it might not be for everyone :)
- The last half of the course felt a bit too intense.

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