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Resultat av: Quantum Field Theory, SI2410, HT2018

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2018-12-03 - 2018-12-12
Antal svar: 6
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 46%
Kontaktperson: Mattias Blennow

What is your general impression of the course?

6 svarande

Very positive3 50%
Positive3 50%
Negative0 0%
Very negative0 0%

- Slight negative to lack of input from lecturer compared to a lecture course. (Very positive)
- i like the seminar form (Positive)
- I learned stuff about stuff. I didn't really get as much of a feel for the basic concepts as I would have liked though. (Positive)

How did you find the general administration of the course?

5 svarande

Very good4 80%
Good1 20%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%

- nice (Very good)

How did you find the course literature (Peskin & Schröder)? (Check all that apply.)

5 svarande

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Too technical4 80%
Too sketchy2 40%
Too high level3 60%
Too low level0 0%
Too long1 20%
Other (please comment)0 0%

- It covered most of what it should, but I wasn't very satisfied by how long yet sometimes very complicated and non-thorough most of the examples were. But the subject being what it is, maybe it canc't be helped.
- It could be a good idea to have lectures to explain things at least as much as there are seminars. Our understanding of the key concepts were not so great just by the book.
- they did really long derivations for the "easy part" and then they just skipped the hard part.
- I think the book lacked clarity. Too many specifics about how to perform calculations and not enough "big picture" and conceptual focus to actually understand what you were calculating. Also, there was no "weighting" of the results and equations (boxed equations/general layout, statements like "this result is very important, etc.), so it was very hard to know what was important, central and/or general, and what was just a special case or just a step in a derivation without reading very thoroughly and working problems/googling. Overall, not horrible, but quite opaque. Would prefer a different book.
- Too technical when it comes to reading flow but great resource when doing exercises.

How did you find the reading instructions to the course literature?

6 svarande

Very good3 50%
Adequate3 50%
Inadequate0 0%
Very bad0 0%

Did you use any supplementary learning material? (check all that apply) If so, please comment on which and your impression of them.

6 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

Yes - other recommended textbooks2 33%
Yes - other textbooks not in the recommended list2 33%
Yes - lecture notes1 16%
Yes - other online material (video lectures, Wikipedia, etc)5 83%
No - I only used Peskin-Schröder1 16%

- I think it is important to use other sources than P&S.
- I searched for answers online whenever P&S was unclear
- extensive googling, otherwise it would not be possible. also the book from Schwarz.
- I skimmed parts of Schwartz, Srednicki (Quantum Field Theory) and Zee (QFT in a nutshell), but didn't really have time to read anything other than P&S thoroughly. Learned a lot from internet resources, especially when doing the problems, but these generally (of course) lacked textbook quality. Again, another book would be preferred. Liked what I saw both of Schwartz and Srednicki.

How did you find the seminars?

6 svarande

Very good3 50%
Good3 50%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%

- I learned alot! Keep those in the future! (Very good)
- nice atmosphere. however we did not learn so much there. everything i learned i learned myself with google. (Very good)
- They were good, but most seminars encountered the problem of more discussing certain statements in book (being unclear or vert technical) instead of the general subject. (Good)

How did the home assignments correspond to your expectations on the course content?

6 svarande

Very well2 33%
Well4 66%
Badly0 0%
Very badly0 0%

- sometimes too hard. and also there were ones were the question was not clearly formulated (remember the one where we chose the scalar in the third direction) this defenitely needs improvement to not do any miscalculations (Well)
- Not sure what I expected honestly. (Well)

How did you find the level of the homework assignments compared to your expectations?

6 svarande

Much harder1 16%
Harder1 16%
About the same3 50%
Easier1 16%
Much easier0 0%

- really hard, but google and private question sessions saved me. (Much harder)
- They took a lot of work and were quite difficult, but I had expected no less, especially since they were the only examination. (About the same)
- I only found assignment 2 easier, maybe because there weren't that many very technical calculations involved (Easier)

How much time did you spend preparing for the seminars?

6 svarande

> 10 hours each1 16%
7-10 hours each2 33%
4-7 hours each1 16%
1-4 hours each2 33%
< 1 hour each0 0%

- 7 hours or more, approx 2~3 whole days of reading nothing else. More if there was time over the weekend (7-10 hours each)
- it got less for the last seminars in the beginning it was 20 hours for the first one. (7-10 hours each)
- About the time it took to read the chapters. :) (1-4 hours each)

How much time did you spend on the home assignments in total?

6 svarande

> 100 hours2 33%
50-100 hours2 33%
25-50 hours2 33%
10-25 hours0 0%
< 10 hours0 0%

- At least a few whole days over a 2 week span for assignment 1, and at least a week for assignment 2. I think through the problem specifics a lot. (> 100 hours)
- each exercise took almost 3 -4full library days (i.e. 20 -28 hours for each exercise) and we did it in groups and with the internet, thus they wouldnt be possible to just solve with the book alone. (> 100 hours)
- I should put more time, definitely. (50-100 hours)
- Possibly over 50 hours. Hard to keep count. But it feels like they took at least a working week in total, maybe two. That stuff was hard! (25-50 hours)

What did you learn the most from?

6 svarande

Reading the course material1 16%
Going to the seminars1 16%
Asking the course leader0 0%
Doing the home assignments4 66%
Getting feedback on home assignments0 0%
Other (please comment)0 0%

- Some seminars were great. Some I feel discussions were lackluster. (Reading the course material)
- while asking the course leader and googling, i learned the most as i was reading so much on the internet. and then just some clarifications from the course leader. (Doing the home assignments)
- It's what I spent by far the most time on, so not unexpected. I think asking questions at the seminars comes in at number 2. (Doing the home assignments)

Would you recommend the course to other students?

6 svarande

Yes6 100%
No0 0%

- Yes, with a comment that it is not hard as it might be. I think that this "fear" can be explained that not enough time have been put into the home assignments. I think your warnings during the seminars were adequate. (Yes)
- yes but just for the sake of having the subject in your cv. the content is medium fine. however if you want to just get credits there are a lot easier subjects to get credits for, and which are even more interesting. Further i found my best friends here in sweden in this course, as we were all totally desperately to finally solve the exercises and we thus spend so much time together. (Yes)

Other comments:

- you should give more credits for it. like 10. and anyone who is against this should just take the course and then reevaluate what they say. otherwise, i liked the teacher and he managed to transfer his motivation for the subject to me :)
- Torn on seminar vs lecture style. Felt like I read more in this type of format but not necessarily know if I learned more about the key concepts like I feel could be better taught by a lecturer. Liked some of the discussions we had though

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