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Resultat av: Seminar Course in Theoretical Physics, SI2350, ht2007

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2007-11-28 - 2008-04-30
Antal svar: 10
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 83%
Kontaktperson: Mattias Blennow

What was your overall impression of the course?

10 svarande

Very positive3 30%
Positive6 60%
Negative1 10%
Very negative0 0%

- A wide variety of interesting topics. (Positive)

How did you find the level of the topics treated?

10 svarande

Too advanced1 10%
About the right level9 90%
Too easy0 0%

- Although varying (About the right level)
- Just one field out of which the topics are chosen will help to use the time for details instead of just giving a short introduction into a lot of fields. (About the right level)
- But of course, there is a big spread in knowledge in the audience (About the right level)
- V?ldigt varierad niv (About the right level)
- The topics were challenging but certainly possible to understand. However, due to the large number of topics, it was not possible to go into all of them. (About the right level)

What was your impression of the seminars?

9 svarande

Very positive0 0%
Positive7 77%
Negative2 22%
Very negative0 0%

- En del var mycket bra, andra inte s? bra (?)
- Often calculations on one slide, so you can't get it. It would be better sometimes to use the whiteboard or at least spread the formulas over several slides (Positive)
- Some were vey good, some could have been better. (Positive)
- I would have appreciated participation from all students rather than just some. (Positive)

How did you find the standard of the reports?

9 svarande

Very good1 11%
Good1 11%
Acceptable7 77%
Poor0 0%
Very poor0 0%

- En dal var v?ldigt bra andra h?ll lite v?l l?g niv (?)
- Some reports had a pretty poor use of language, making them almost incomprehensible. (Acceptable)
- The reports were very technical in average but maybe this is due to the certain topics. I think, when it comes to reports and presentations that are limited to this size, it is more useful for the audience to point out the main concepts, thoughts and effects of a theory rather than show long calculations. The interested listener must look it up by himself anyway if he wants to understand it. (Acceptable)

What do you think of the four-page limit on the reports?

10 svarande

Too many pages0 0%
About the right number of pages10 100%
Too few pages0 0%

- ...as long as everybody knows a little bit about the subject. (About the right number of pages)

What is your impression of the oral and written oppositions?

10 svarande

Very positive0 0%
Positive8 80%
Negative2 20%
Very negative0 0%

- There could have been a reponse about the referee report. (Positive)
- More info on what is wanted/required of the written opposition would have been good. (Negative)

How did you find the attendance requirement?

10 svarande

Too strict0 0%
About right10 100%
Too loose0 0%

How did you find the difficulty level of the course?

9 svarande

Too difficult0 0%
About right9 100%
Too easy0 0%

- tja, det ?r ju mest upp till studenten vilken niv? man vill l?gga det p (?)
- Was basically up to yourself to decide the level. (About right)

What is your impression of the LaTeX part of the course?

9 svarande

Very positive5 55%
Positive3 33%
Negative1 11%
Very negative0 0%

- den var ju inte s? stor (?)
- The main thing is to get practise using LaTeX and learn how to get the output right. The course did just that. (Very positive)
- I learned some new things (Very positive)
- I have used it a lot but there were many aspects of it I didn't know about. (Very positive)
- LaTeX should be known at this stage in the formation in a program in engeneering physics. (Negative)

What is your impression of the course information and course administration?

10 svarande

Very positive8 80%
Positive1 10%
Negative1 10%
Very negative0 0%

- Simple and clear (Very positive)

What kind of problems did you have in the course?

- Deciding want to include and exclude in the report.
- I have some problems to set the level of my report and presentation. The areas that were covered in the course were so different so you could basically not presume any knowledge of the area in advance. Nevertheless, the seminars should not be a very short introduction to the subject.
- F? RevTeX att funka
- I had some trouble getting bibtex working properly.

What parts of the course can be improved and how?

- How do I hold a good presentation of a report, because I have no idea?
- An example on how to write an opposition report could have been provided.
- Maybe an earlier deadline, so that the opponent gets the report earlier, if there is a delay
- There could have been an introduction to all the subject by the teacher in the beginning of the course to get the right difficulty level of the reports and also give some prerequires for the others to understant the subjects that where covered.

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