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Resultat av: Relativity Theory, SI2370, vt 2008

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2008-03-10 - 2008-04-14
Antal svar: 25
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 83%
Kontaktperson: Edwin Langmann

General opinion about the course

24 svarande

Very good8 33%
Good15 62%
Average1 4%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%

- please do not change teachers in mid. of course (?)
- Earlier emphasis on the tensor calculus part. (Very good)
- The regular midterms were very useful in enforcing a discipline to study along. (Very good)
- An interesting subject, and the course did a good job in introducing GR. (Very good)
- Good course for an undergraduate level. (Good)
- Maybe more about how to do the math. The course is to short. To be scheduled every day means that there is to little time to really learn the course. (Good)
- The shift over to the more physics- (rather than only math-) oriented direction that the course took this year is very good! (Good)
- Good exercise classes, not so good lectures.. (Average)

Opinion about the lectures

24 svarande

Very good11 45%
Good12 50%
Average1 4%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%

- very good (?)
- Sometimes content got hidden behind another blackboard. (Very good)
- Kan f?lja boken lite rakare. ?ven tydligare vad som ing?r / inte ing?r. (Good)
- Please try not to hide the blackboard you just wrote on by sliding it under an other one or the other over it. It is then difficult to coppy from the blackboard and one misses a line avery once in a while. Good explanations. (Good)
- They are good. But the lecturer should avoid to get into to discussion about involded math calculations. He could instead refer to the web page even more. One positive thing is the lecturers way to deal with questions from the students in a humble and kind way. (Good)
- Lacks structure. Not very rewarding. (Average)

Opinion about the exercises

24 svarande

Very good9 37%
Good10 41%
Average4 16%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%
I did not participate1 4%

- good (?)
- Pedram's exercise classes were very good and structured (Very good)
- Sometimes content got hidden behind another blackboard. (Very good)
- The exercise leader was very competent, and had good knowledge about subjects within and outside the course. He (as had the lecturer) had a very good attitude towards questions from the students. Plus, he spent very much time after classes, explaining things thoroghly. Very kindly! (Very good)
- Maybe a bit more calculation would have been useful (Good)
- Please try not to hide the blackboard you just wrote on by sliding it under an other one or the other over it. It is then difficult to coppy from the blackboard and one misses a line avery once in a while. Good explanations. (Good)
- Kind of my own fault for not always keeping up all the way. The course was quite intensive. (Average)

My prerequisites

24 svarande

More than enough7 29%
Enough13 54%
Not enough4 16%

- enough (?)
- Just f?r mig var det sv?rt med vissa delar (integraler, variation samt Maxwell). Detta d? det var m?nga ?r sedan jag gick p? KTH. Annars upplever jag det som ok. (More than enough)
- Linear algebra should definitely be a pre-requisite. (Enough)
- I still haven't taken the course in electro dynamics, but I didn't really find it a problem even though it is stated as a prequisite, although I understand that it is there. I guess you will get a deeper understanding of the electro dynamics. (Enough)
- Took to long before I "understood" how the tensors work. I hadn't read any relativistic theory before this course so in the beginning it was a lot information. (Not enough)
- Hadn't studied tensor calculus before this course, but that wasn't a big problem. (Not enough)

How difficult did you find the course?

24 svarande

Very difficult3 12%
Difficult12 50%
Average8 33%
Easy1 4%
Very easy0 0%

- difficult (?)
- Because of lack preknowledge it was hard to follow in a way I wanted to. If there where more space between the classes I would be happier. (Difficult)
- ?ven h?r sv?rare utifr?n att det har g?tt ett tag. (Difficult)
- Challenging, but really interesting and not so tough... (Difficult)
- once the concepts of tensor calculations is understood the course is easy. (Average)
- As stated, the temp was high and it needed a lot of attention. But I didn't think it was too difficult. The exam was somewhat short on time. (Average)

How much work did the course take compared to other courses?

24 svarande

Much more7 29%
Somewhat more12 50%
Average4 16%
Somewhat less1 4%
Much less0 0%

- much more (?)
- Again, if I knew more before the course I could follow it in a way that I should done. (Much more)
- I could have invested mor time though. (Average)

Comments and suggestions on how to improve the course

- More time between the classes. Now it's like every lecture pulls you out to deeper water and you don't have time to reach the shore. In the end you are to long away from the shore to finish the course in a good way.
- Special relativity part of the final exam should be separated from the rest and one should be able to clear that part of the final exam in a midterm test so that one can focus on the hard GR part for the final exam
- It would be nice if you had made some example questions to show how the exam may look, since you changed it quite a lot from previous years
- it need no suggestions as it is already a good course
- Increase Pedram's part in the course. Example exams.
- I would have liked all the exercises on an extra pieco of paper instead of in the book (and the solutions too)
- De f?rberedande kurserna i tensor ?r inte tillr?ckliga. Det k?nns som att tensorn aldrig f?r ordentligt fokus innan relativitetskursen, varf?r det blir sv?rt att h?nga med i GR teroin.
- I would have liked some more differential geometry earlier on; a little more mathematical treatment of manifolds, one-forms etc..
- I think the course is a bit to intensive and I think everyone would benefit from making the course span over both period 3 and 4.

How did you find the midterm exams

24 svarande

Valuable18 75%
Average3 12%
Not so valuable2 8%
I did not do it1 4%

- average (?)
- To short time. (Valuable)
- Not enough time (Valuable)
- Good mix of theoretical questions and calculations (Valuable)
- I found them quite important. With a high tempo you need some preassure to keep up. (Valuable)
- They are essential to keep students working enough at home. They were, however, very extensive considering we had only 45 minutes to each one. (Valuable)
- I didn't have time to follow. I had to focus on the basic parts so I was never in phase. But normally midterm tests are good, then you get anything from a continuously studying. (Average)
- Little resemblanse with the final exam (Not so valuable)

The suggested course literature was (please also write comments)

24 svarande

Very good10 41%
Good11 45%
Average3 12%
Bad0 0%

- good,i think style of edwin's lectures was so effective that we can easily follow the course without it. (?)
- they were self content every ting one needs to know is there, the structure was good, it was pedagogic (Very good)
- En alldelens utm?rkt bok. Mycket n?jd! En av de b?sta jag har haft p? KTH. (Very good)
- The online material was very good too. (Very good)
- Cheng is an exceptionally good book. It should definitely be kept for future years. (Very good)
- The course litterature went through the topics of the course very well. (Very good)
- I only read the "official" book, but I found it good. I could have done with some more examples on calculations, but the book explained concepts quite well. (Very good)
- Keep it! (Good)
- Why do all books say, "it is shown in problem x.yz"? I noticed it a few times. I would like a book where the theory is given fully, and if you want to see if you can do it there also is an exercise for it. Overall the book is good. Mostly it explains the subject in an easy to follow way. (Good)
- It had a nice aproach building up the understanding and then introducing the hard math not the other way around... It made it more interesting to me (Good)
- sometimes (time-dilatation in the beginning for example) the phenomenon are not explained very throughly and it seems as it is a contradiction. (Good)
- It explained things in an understandable way. It was also a good approach to consider the physics before the math. (Good)
- Good explanation of some phenomena, somewhat unclear on others. The lecture notes by Carroll was a very good supplement. (Average)

How difficult did you find the exam

23 svarande

Too difficult (please write comments why)3 13%
Difficult16 69%
Average4 17%
Easy0 0%
Too easy0 0%

- average (?)
- have not done it yet (?)
- to many long calculations on to little time. there should be more hard theory questions with not so leangthy calculations required (Too difficult (please write comments why))
- In my opinion there where to many "h?rlednings uppgifter" that at least I was quite unprepared for (Too difficult (please write comments why))
- Too much focus on mathematics and not on the general understanding of the subject! No past exams for reference. (Too difficult (please write comments why))
- To big problems. (Difficult)
- I guess that an exam have to be difficult, otherwise there would be no meaning to have it. I mean 1 x 2-questions are not good. It feels like the exam is a bit more difficult than the problems in the book. (Difficult)
- A more extensive formulae sheet would have been better. (Difficult)
- Question 6 was slightly exotic in that it was very difficult to solve without prior exposure with that type of derivation. Those students who tried question 12.2 in advance of the textbook had an "unfair" advantage. Question 4 was also challenging in that no similar problems were really solved in the tutorials. (Difficult)
- I think with a more serious preparation a better grade would have been possible, but nevertheless the exam rests difficult and more difficult than the old exams. (Difficult)
- First part wasn't that difficult, but the second part was. Maybe it was more that I couldn't finish the second part of the exam in the given time. Had I prepared even more, I would probably have done better on the second part. I didn't like the fact that we weren't allowed a calculator for the first problem on the exam. It contained some calculations that took too much valuable time off the exam time, without testing or knowledge of the course content, but how fast we could perform the calculations. (Difficult)
- Somewhat short on time. Having to do quite involved calculations (at least several steps) is not fun to do if you feel a time shortage. (Difficult)

How often did you look at Edwin's lecture blog during the course?

24 svarande

regularly5 20%
often7 29%
sometimes9 37%
never3 12%

- never (?)
- very nice study blogg, helped a lot (often)
- The blog was useful in the preparation of the final exam. (sometimes)
- I also looked through it all in preparation for the midterms and the exam. (sometimes)
- I attended most lectures, so I pretty much knew what was going on. (sometimes)
- I should have looked more. My bad. (sometimes)

How often did you look at Pedram's exercise blog during the course?

23 svarande

regularly5 21%
often5 21%
sometimes9 39%
never4 17%

- sometimes (?)
- also very nice (often)
- I missed some excercise classes, so it was good to know that I could check up what was brought up. (often)
- I also looked through it all in preparation for the midterms and the exam. (sometimes)
- I should have looked more. My bad. (sometimes)

What do you think about the course homepage? It is

24 svarande

very useful13 54%
useful8 33%
averadge3 12%
not useful0 0%

- usefull (?)
- Especially the recommended exercises. You could put the links to external sources a bit more "up front", I didn't find it quite intuitonal that the links were located by the lecture plan. (very useful)
- It was very well updated. My primarly use of the web page was to use material from there (Einsteins original paper) and to look at which problems were recommended. (very useful)
- It full fills its purpose. (averadge)

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