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Resultat av: Analytical mechanics and classical field theory, SI2360, VT 2008

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2008-06-10 - 2008-09-16
Antal svar: 3
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 23%
Kontaktperson: Mats Wallin

What is your overall impression of the course?

3 svarande

Very positive0 0%
Quite postive3 100%
Neutral - no opinion0 0%
Quite negative0 0%
Very negative0 0%

How would you rate the difficulty of the course?

3 svarande

Very difficult0 0%
Quite difficult1 33%
Average2 66%
Easy0 0%
Very easy0 0%

Has there been much overlap with other courses?

3 svarande

Far too much overlap0 0%
Some overlap, but it was useful to go over the topics again1 33%
Mostly unnecessary overlap1 33%
No overlap1 33%

What is your opinion about the lectures?

3 svarande

Very good1 33%
Good2 66%
Average0 0%
Poor0 0%
Very poor0 0%

My prerequisites

3 svarande

More than enough1 33%
Enough2 66%
Not enough0 0%

How much work did the course take compared to other courses?

3 svarande

Much more0 0%
Somewhat more0 0%
Average2 66%
Somewhat less1 33%
Much less0 0%

Further comments and suggestions for next time:

- It would help if the assignments were returned so that the students could get some feedback. The syllabus did not seem to be well defined from the onset (e.g. it wasn't obvious that there would be an oral exam until the very end of the course). A different study strategy could have been planned had a definite syllabus/timetable been decided upon earlier. The lectures themselves were presented in a clear way and at a reasonable pace.

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