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Resultat av: Relativity Theory, SI2370, vt 2009

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2009-03-16 - 2009-05-28
Antal svar: 14
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 46%
Kontaktperson: Edwin Langmann

What is your general opinion about the course?

14 svarande

Very good6 42%
Good6 42%
Average2 14%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%

- It was one of the best courses i had during my studies. The professor was motivated and found the right balance between mathematics and physics. (Very good)
- Interesting and advanced topic, strong efficiency in the learning but requiring not too much work. (Good)

What is your opinion about the lectures?

14 svarande

Very good4 28%
Good5 35%
Average4 28%
Bad1 7%
Very bad0 0%
I did not participate0 0%

- I may have been sometimes a little bit lost because of a structure that didn't always seem obvious to me. Maybe some subsections with numbers (e.g.) could help clarify the organisation. (Good)
- As they were based on the book by Cheng was it easy to follow the course. (Good)
- Edwin managed to give us a good overview of the subject while leaving most calculations for us students to do for ourselves, which worked well in this course. He is a very concerned teacher who wants to help everyone to find a way of understanding the course material. (Good)
- Sometimes rather messy (Average)
- Sometimes it felt like the lecturer had a too quick pace in the lecture. But I mostly attended exercise classes and not lectures (due to conflicts in my schedule) so I don't really have enough experience to be able to comment on this part of the course. (Average)
- Sorry, very confusing and slightly unstructured in my view. (Bad)

What is your opinion about the exercises?

14 svarande

Very good2 14%
Good8 57%
Average4 28%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%
I did not participate0 0%

- Very efficient to prepare for the mid-term tests. Rather relax and nice atmosphere during the classes. I'd really rather you didn't read your papers and I'm sure you can do without them. (Good)
- Sofia did a good job all over and the exercise classes were very valuable. (Good)
- Too many calculations that do not help to understand the essence of the material. (Good)
- The exercises were not very good at first, but at some point halfway through the course they became better very drastically, and the second half of the exercise classes were actually quite good. (Average)

My prerequisites were

14 svarande

more than enough1 7%
enough11 78%
not enough2 14%

- But nearly not! I think a deeper background about both variational calculus and tensor (the ones I had handled so far didn't look like those ones) would be highly useful, even though not necessary. (enough)
- But with some hard work it could be overcome. (not enough)

How difficult did you find the course?

14 svarande

Very difficult1 7%
Difficult9 64%
Average4 28%
Easy0 0%
Very easy0 0%

- Quite a difficult course. Some advanced maths (tensors, variational calculus, geometry) and physics (advanced mechanics, Maxwell theory of EM, waves, astrophysics), that had to be mastered. (Difficult)
- The material is very difficult, but Edwin did well giving us a gentle introduction. (Difficult)

How much work did the course take compared to other courses?

14 svarande

Much more4 28%
Somewhat more8 57%
Average1 7%
Somewhat less1 7%
Much less0 0%

- The work was definitely worth it. (Much more)
- And for good! I find it pretty good when a course manages to teach (and to have learnt by students) much knowledge without demanding too much work. So, good job. (Somewhat less)

How useful was the midterm tests for you? Why?

14 svarande

Very useful5 35%
Useful8 57%
Not useful0 0%
I did not do them1 7%

- For me this was a unusual but very effective alternative to the usual problem sets that one usually has to hand in. I also appreciated the fast corrections! (Very useful)
- Uppmuntrar till kontinuerligt pluggande! (Very useful)
- They were perfect to have some kind of "learning break" in the course (so as to avoid "drowning" in the overwhelming lessons, at the exam eve) and to get a little bit confident before taking the exam. (Very useful)
- With the midterm tests we had to study the lecture as one goes along. (Very useful)
- Keep up with the material (Useful)
- It is, as always, good to have some motivation in order to study continuously. Given the theoretical nature of the subject, though, it might be even better to have some sets of hand-in exercises instead. (Useful)
- But it felt like both KS1 and 3 had much too short time. Although they are good preparation for the exam, you cannot do that many problems in 45 minutes while still in the beginning/not end of the course. (Useful)

The midterm tests were

14 svarande

too difficult0 0%
difficult3 21%
easy10 71%
too easy1 7%

- The biggest problem was the lack of time. (difficult)
- Though not too easy! (easy)
- Rather easy, but I don't think they should be more difficult, since they only aim at checking that some basic knowledge is remembered from the course. (easy)
- Compared to the exam (too easy)

The suggested course literature was (please also write comments)

14 svarande

Very good3 21%
Good8 57%
Average2 14%
Bad1 7%

- Essential (Very good)
- The used book by Cheng is very good. (Very good)
- Interesting book.Covers a lot of aspects. Easily understandable written. Good to have a key both for the Review questions and the Problems. (Good)
- Quite good but I think the mathematics was in the wrong order. Why have special cases first and then try to extend the ideas when you can take the general case first and then derive the special cases? Overall, the book may be a pretty good choice for the average student, but less good if one likes a more formal approach (I'm not asking for more mathematics but rather how the mathematics is presented). (Good)
- irritating with all the errors (Good)
- the book was necesary for the course, to give a further explanation of the things (Good)
- Somewhat repelling at first but well refered to during the lectures, and quite well structured. Good included review questions and exercises, along with their corrections. (Good)
- Cheng's book is quite a good one, bit it's a pity that there are so many misprints. Hopefully there will be a second edition with the typos corrected. I also read a lot in Schutz's book, which is also a very good one. Schutz has a much better discussion of tensors than Cheng has. However, there are some important things that Schutz doesn't mention, like variational calculus and the relativistic formulation of E&M. (Good)
- Trevlig l?sning, men f?r m?nga fel i h?rledningarna! (Average)
- The book had what seems to be a common problem of relativity theory books. The first few chapters try to explain results derived from full tensor calculations but without actually showing where they come from, until much later. (Average)

How difficult did you find the exam?

14 svarande

Too difficult (please write comments why)2 14%
Difficult9 64%
Average3 21%
Easy0 0%
Too easy0 0%

- We didn't have any tutorial on the gauge theory nor linearized gravitational waves so I thought this was not to be ragarded as priority topics, but still, these concept was asked in the exam. (Too difficult (please write comments why))
- There was not enough time to complete the exam (Too difficult (please write comments why))
- As we had been told previously, the second part was much harder than the first one, especially the 5th exercise. Maybe somewhat to difficult, I don't really know. (Difficult)
- Difficult - that's the way it should be! (Difficult)
- But it was well fit to the course content, so I can't say anything negative about it. (Difficult)

Comments and suggestions on how to improve the course

- Maybe own structured notes for the lecture to make sure that derivations that are presented are correct/dont appear improvised and confusing.
- Edwin made this course to be very interesting, thank you! Sofia made this course into a very useful one, thank you!
- Jag tycker kursen har varit en av de roligaste p? kth! Det beh?vs inga egentliga f?r?ndringar enligt mig.
- It must have been the hardest course I had at KTH. And definitely one of the best too. I really think only few things should be changed.
- The material is difficult and requires a lot of thought, so it wouldn't hurt if the course were spread out over the whole spring term.
- It would be good if the teacher asks to the student to write some exercises on the blackboard in front of the classmates. It would permit to show that we understood the lecture by explaining the exercise to the audience.

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