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Resultat av: Advanced Quantum Mechanics, 5A1385, ht 2006

Status: Avslutad
Publicerad under: 2006-12-04 - 2007-01-06
Antal svar: 21
Procent av kursdeltagarna som svarat: 70%
Kontaktperson: Mats Wallin

Genral opinion about the course

Very good6 28%
Good14 66%
Average1 4%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%

- Very interessting and very good given, it realy raises your interrest, but I think it could be splited into intermediate and advanced course since there is enough contend to deal with. (Very good)
- We may grasp a good broad of QM curriculum throughout this course (Very good)
- very good lecture, just one comment for the next time: some of the scannings of the lecture notes are "too grey" and so hard to read, perhaps you can make every chapter in a "fine black" like some are. (Very good)
- May be take more time on mathematical introduction (especially in infinity dimension). Less discussion about what is wrong in CM and no courses about CM (we know it from our first year) Having all the lecture note latexed will be a big advantage. Just enough exercices session. (Good)
- detsamma som med alla kurser h?r i sverige: jag tycker att det ?r litet synd att man f?ljer s? "strictly" kursboken! men det har ju ocks? f?redelar... (Good)
- The course gives a good starting point in quantum theories, it was exactly what I need, as it was my first course in quantum mechanics. But I think the word "advanced" should be removed, not to afraid people that haven't done QM before. (Good)
- I would be interested in a more mathematical presentation of qm (Good)
- K?nde att jag inte s?g skogen f?r alla tr?den. Kursen behandlade s? m?nga sidor i kursboken. Hade f?redragit om kursen mer koncentrerade sig p? viktiga omr?den, som ej togs upp i grundkursen i kvant, som "Path Integral Formulation", och diskuterade/tolkade/f?rklarade dem lite mer ing?ende och ?ven filosofiskt, s? att man fick en lite djupare f?rst?else och nya s?tt att se p? det grundl?ggande i kvant, ist?llet f?r att l?ra sig mer om allt m?jligt. Sj?lv hade jag g?rna l?st mindre om v?teatomen,st?rningsr?kning,scattering till f?rm?n f?r det andra. (Average)

Opinion about the lectures

Very good12 63%
Good7 36%
Average0 0%
Bad0 0%
Very bad0 0%

- One of the best lecturers at KTH so far (after 3? years), really good! (Very good)
- Incredible i have never seen a person relating/explaining quantummechanics so much and good to the (normal) life. (Very good)
- With a funny comments, sometimes. Along with a convenient style of teaching. (Very good)
- The lecturer has a very, very good style of explaining, next to his motivated and motivating kind. He kept a clear structure throughout the whole course. Especially good are the lecture notes, which are of high quality and where one can reread the lecture. Long calculations were in there and not in the lecture which i want to mention positively as well. Therefore lecture was not lost in formulas but had time for interpretations of them instead. (Very good)
- j?tteambiti?s l?rare, som hade n?je att f?rmedla sina kunskaper...tack! i vissa delar av f?relesningen skulle jag har glatt mig om vi hade gjort grejerna lite djupare... (Very good)
- Very clean and clear ! Maybe more explanations about why the calculus is driven this way, or why we assume such form of the solution, but the lectures are almost perfect. (Very good)
- experimental things are very good to get more understanding and of course fun into the lectures (Very good)
- Mats is very inspiring! (Very good)
- Interesting and funny! (Good)
- The teacher is funny which is a big plus. Motivated to make the students understand more than just the equations. Sometimes a little "messy". Not enough time to explain Spin and Momenta (Good)
- motivated lecturer (Good)

Opinion about the exercises

Very good0 0%
Good4 21%
Average7 36%
Bad6 31%
Very bad0 0%
I did not participate2 10%

- ok (Good)
- first lectures the teacher seemed to be a little shy and so the whole lecture got a little bit boring, but he got better and better to the end and was then quite ok. perhaps it was the first lecture given by him, because he is very young. indeed he was very friendly, answered every question and helped a lot. when there was a failure on the blackboard we corrected it, in a way that i got the feeling "we do it all together" (Good)
- I think the level of the exercises was somewhat irregular. Sometimes there were very easy exercises and really difficult ones. (Average)
- sometimes it's hard to follow what the assistant does... (Average)
- Much time is sometimes given to easy derivations, while some tricky physical reasonning is skipped. (Average)
- There was no active progress of tutoring in the class. It was only about showing the solutions. (Bad)
- The exercises didn't help me very much. Unfortunately the given explanations during the exercises didn't keep up with the level of the lecture. They were often lost in detail calculations instead of interpreting results. (Bad)
- Too much faults during the resolution; it seemed that the assisstant didn't prepare his sessions... (Bad)
- The assistant didn't explain the exercises very well, he just wrote the solution on the board. (Bad)

Quality of the textbook

Very good5 23%
Good8 38%
Average5 23%
Bad1 4%
Very bad0 0%
I did not have access to it2 9%

- Good in detail! It is heavy enough to hit a run-away thief. (Very good)
- A lot to go through like in every QM-book (Good)
- If you mean the Shankar's book, yes it's a good choice. Might be a bit more rigourous (especially in the mathematical chapters) (Good)
- Bra, men v?ldigt omfattande! Sj?lv orkade jag i stort sett bara l?sa det inledande om matten. Det k?nde jag dock att jag fick betydligt b?ttre koll p? ?n efter grundkursen i kvant. S? kursens f?rsta m?l uppfylldes. (Good)
- A bit expensive. A mess to order it from Amazon.com, it should be cheaper in the ths book store. (Good)
- Maybe a bit too large. (Good)
- Ofta sv?r att l?ra sig nya begrepp fr?n. F?rklarar inte tillr?ckligt. (Bad)

How did you find the homework

Valuable6 28%
Average8 38%
Not so valuable3 14%
I did not do it4 19%

- The homeworks are lovely, but the thing gets more interesting if there was a simple real-life exciting phenomena. Related to a story of Quantum Mechanics chronologically, perhaps.. Telling how Fermi or Einstein or Feynman solve this/that problem... (Valuable)
- Good homeworks, the right length, not too easy and not too chalenging. But some sentences were not very clear (I think for instance of the spin rotation matrix exercice), that can lead to misunderstanding the question. (Valuable)
- Homeworks must be more spread out in time!!!! Not all of them the last month! This helps only smart students who needs little time (Valuable)
- Homework #1 contained a lot of calculations that felt more like exercises in algebra than quantum mechanics. Homework #2 and #3 were much better. They should be handed out earlier in the course though, not two weeks before the final exam (in this course and all others...). Maybe a little too much work in relation to the bonus points (especially homework #1). (Average)
- They started a bit too late and had therfore a too big contend, but generally a very good and important thing. (Average)
- examples were good, but much too long, so i didn't spend much time on it because i had not so much of it. (Average)
- Potentialbrunnen i f?rsta hemuppgiften tar v?ldigt mycket tid i rent r?knande f?r vad det ger i teoretisk kunskap. Hemuppgift 2 o 3 ?r bra och givande. (Average)
- Too difficult and not enough time to do it (I tried) and the bonus is not so great for the exam (Not so valuable)
- became available to late, to little theory and to much algebra (Not so valuable)
- I think its better to have compulsory homework (exercises + homework) all over the time of the course, which you hand in and discuss in the exercise lessons. (Not so valuable)
- Too hard and too long (I did not do it)
- Det vore b?ttre om den f?rsta iml?mningsuppgiften kom ut mycket tidigare, s? man kom ig?ng p? en g?ng. Sen k?ndes det som att det var mycket att g?ra p? varje inl?mning. Vore b?ttre om de tre inl?mningarna delades upp i flera mindre. (I did not do it)

My prerequisites

More than enough5 25%
Enough14 70%
Not enough1 5%

- have already hear most things at my home university (More than enough)
- It did not require too much prerequisites since it gave a good understanding starting from the basics. (Enough)
- Reading half of the Griffiths book is enough as the prerequisite as I did at NTU, Singapore. (Enough)
- The first part of the course (till Spin) had been treated before but after it was too quick (Enough)
- I was afraid they were not enough (in quantum mechanics they just didn't exist !) because the course was told "advanced", but actually it wasn't that hard with regular work, since the lectures were very clear. (Enough)

How difficult did you find the course?

Very difficult2 9%
Difficult11 52%
Average5 23%
Easy3 14%
Very easy0 0%

- S? mycket stoff som behandlades. F?r omfattande f?r att man ska kunna l?sa allt i kursboken. (Very difficult)
- It is hard to find a key to the whole QM matter and a link to possible calculations you can do. Sometimes you just don't get the sense behind. (Very difficult)
- But it's normal... A course of this level has to be difficult (Difficult)
- Chalenging but not too hard. I can understand that some people with already a knowledge in QM could have found it too easy, but it's not my case. (Difficult)
- it should be very difficult ... i mean quantum mechanics is very difficult. but the teacher explained it very good. (Difficult)
- It was suitable. (Average)
- Oh no! It is the Bessel and Neumann function again! Plus that Green function with its playmate the Cauchy-formula. Nevertheless, I need math as the language of this course. (Average)
- It started easy, as I have a heard a similar course before. Still, there were a lot of interesting and new ideas in there. (Average)
- At the beginning, a lot of the course content was just repetition from the basic QM course at Engineering physics. Later there was more new stuff though, so at the end the whole course did not feel like repetition. (Easy)

How much work did the course take compared to other courses?

Much more1 4%
Somewhat more8 38%
Average9 42%
Somewhat less3 14%
Much less0 0%

- somewhat more time spent but it was efficient and usefull work. (Somewhat more)
- If I didn't read the Shankar, perhaps it doesn't take much time to complete the course. But, I feel guilty if I didn't touch the stuff I exchange my money for. (Average)
- I don't work enough anyway :o) (Average)
- but it was much too less. Comapared to other courses I should have done much more. (Average)
- Jag k?nde aldrig att jag kom in i kursen ordentligt. (Somewhat less)

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